About Me

I am Rozália Régerné Sörös. I was born in 1958 in Csavoly, Hungary. From a young age, I have a great interest in art and music. Because of this, painting is a fundamental element in my life. A very important event helped me to start my painting career in 2012. I have always loved painting and through this I would like to learn more about and also educate others on other Hungarian artists.

My first paintings were inspired by the Irish Coastline and since that I have rigorously trained myself to become a better artist. I work with oil based paint and also apply ‘knife’ technique training.

My creations illustrate such themes that always were and will be close to humanity: the landscape, the environment and the buildings we have created. I strive to bring feelings, memories, loneliness, happiness and surprise with the colours I use, all the emotions that are present in an artist’s soul. The subject of my art is determined by inspiration. This will decide if the painting is created under an impressionist, a modern, a romantic or any other influence.

My art can be found in Hungary, Germany, Scotland, Paris, Romania, England, Northern Ireland and in many more locations as a part of private collections. Also my paintings regularly take part in private and in grouped exhibitions.

Visit my online gallery where you can buy my paintings simply click on the painting to get full information. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.